Electric Submersible Pumping Systems

In meeting the needs of our clients PumpTek has engineered and designed a wide range of ESP production solutions. Our product range has been tailored to ensure superior performance in meeting todays artificial lift challenges.


Submersible pumps are multi-staged centrifugal pumps where each stage consists of an impeller and a diffuser. PumpTek’s standard offering is a compression mixed flow abrasion resistant pump. This approach opens a wide application range for oil production in harsh environments.

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PumpTek’s submersible motors are three phase AC induction type. Motors are filled with synthetic oil for lubrication, cooling and insulation. Motors provide power for downhole system turning shafts connected via couplings.

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The Seal is designed to transmit torque from, and to protect the downhole motor from well fluids, at the same time it carries axial thrust generated by a centrifugal pump.

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Gas Solutions

PumpTek ESP Systems have the ability to both separate and process free gas with our selection of Gas Separators and Gas Processors to meet any well conditions that may be encountered in the oilfield.

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Downhole Cable delivers power to submersible motor as well as it carries signals from ESP gauge to Surface Controller.

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PumpTek designed the PT downhole sensor to be oilfield-rugged with no moving parts to wear out. It is resistant to vibration and has been field-proven to be more reliable than traditional downhole sensors.

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